Cd_Tray 2.3

Cd_Tray 2.3The program for management (opening / closing) a...

Cd_Tray 2. 3The program for management (opening / closing) a tray of CD/DVD/RAM-drives established{installed} in system. In the beginning the program places a badge in a tray of system (area is of close by clock), learning{finding out} all the engines established{installed} in system, and does {makes} accessible some to way of management by tray,besides the standard.

The program allows to open / close a tray of engines in the next ways:* On double click on a badge of the program on the monitor there is a choice of engines with the time{temporary} day work established {installed} in system.

1. By means of combinations of ;combinations; a combination ; hot key ; ; ; (for all engines). 2. By means of items{points} of the contextual menu (for all engines).

Notice, it ; the engine by default ; any engine of system can be chosen. At installation the program is added in start with Windows, to remove it{her} it is possible having chosen item{point} from the contextual menu.